It's our Annual

Mental Health

Week Off

It is that time of the year, where we hit a pause, take a break to rest and recharge ourselves for all future endeavours!

The Firm, shall be taking a mental health week off between 23rd March 2024 – 31st March 2024.

For the stipulated time period, you may experience a delay in response over emails/texts/ phone calls. This annual initiative is something we have been running successfully since 2020 as an acknowledgement to the body and mind’s need for rest – like a field left fallow, after harvest. This time helps us as a team rejuvenate, recuperate and rebuild creativity to be able to support you much better when we are back!

We look forward to working with you, and bringing our best to you, post this short break.

We wish you too, a restful week, and invite you to bring your attention to the ways and means you can employ to invite a pause and rest into your life.

Here are some resources that may support you to reflect on what a “pause” could look like to you!
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