This series is a response to the widespread mental health impact caused by the COVID pandemic and its implications. These questions will help you to reflect on what is really going on under the surface, identify your immediate needs and help you identify ways in which you could respond, to help keep you grounded.

We also hope to spotlight some of those things that you are already doing, explore your patterns of resilience and coping that have brought you through the immense challenges of last year. In a narrative of all that has been lost, or fear and uncertainty, we wish to share with you a space to hope, to pause and to recharge.

The intention of this series is to support you to acknowledge your emotions and anxiety as a first step, and to empower & enable you to identify the skills needed to reduce distress, at least to some extent. We encourage you to take a moment to yourself to reflect on these questions. 

We urge you to take a pause every day as part of your own self-care. You can implement one of the below each day.