Frustration is that emotion that may arise when we aren’t able to achieve our goals, feel like things are not aligning with our expectations or when people or situations contrast with what we want.

We all may experience this sense of frustration at various points of time and usually the feeling may fade away with a change in the situation.
But sometimes, such as when we experience a sense of failure or see ourselves falling short of our goals, it can be longer-lasting and can even take toll on relationships and our own wellbeing.
Often, frustration shows up in the form of irritation and anger, which further may negatively impact our relationships, our perception of of ourselves and ability to achieve the goal.

Breaking that frustration cycle may include taking a deep breath and a time out from the situation. After we have calmed down, objectively reassessing the situation and our ways of responding to it which may include seeking support from our trusted network.

Remember that this feeling too is fleeting, and if you find yourself overwhlemed with this feeling, it’s okay to reach out for support. You are not alone.

What helps you when you are experiencing frustration?

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