How do you respond to the feeling of disgust?

When a person comes into contact with something they perceive as repulsive, they may experience feelings of revulsion, wanting to get away from the offensive object. A person may receive information from the five senses and when unexpected or overwhelming stimuli occur in the environment it may give rise to this emotion. It can be activated by smell (such as a strong stench), taste (such as a rotten taste), sight, sound (such as a creepy sound), and touch (such as a certain shape and even textures) (e.g., sliminess). Disgust as an emotion may be important for survival, as its function is to keep humans away from substances that are harmful to them.

People don’t necessarily experience disgust only regarding tangible or physical objects and sensations. It can also be triggered by certain behaviours and ideas. People who are disgusted feel compelled to reject, expel, or eliminate the unpleasant object or substance / object of the digust so that they do not come into contact with it. It may be displayed openly through facial expressions and gestures. Usually, people look away and cover their mouth, nose, and eyes when they are disgusted. 

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