Inspiration is an emotion that is evoked when a person experiences an unexpected epiphany or a shift in perspective, through acquiring new knowledge or insight on something.

A person may feel compelled to express or act on and bring to fruition this fresh perspective with a burst of energy and renewed motivation. According to researchers, inspiration may have 2 components – if an object or task’s (stimulus) inherent significance moves a person, they may be inspired by it (for example, a painting, aspects of nature, an innovative idea, or a role model) a relatively passive process. This may give rise to a relatively active process, wherein a person might be inspired to express or foster these desired traits through undertaking a new initiative. In this process, there is an active motivation to actualize or extend the desired or valued qualities and motivation may be reinforced through recall of the initial stimulus.

Inspiration involves a desire, urge or energy that may spark a succession of concepts or ideas that prompt a person to “think outside the box”. Motivated by inspiration, individuals are driven to impart their fresh understanding and inspire others to engage with it. They may be inspired to develop something that focuses on the new insight. Inspiration might come suddenly, or it can take more time to develop.

Inspiration and fascination are similar in a way that they both focus on an engaging experience, which is that you desire to learn more about something. The difference is that fascination motivates you to learn more about it and is largely self driven, while inspiration often occurs irrespective of the person’s volition and drives them to act on an impulse. Keep in mind that inspiration promotes imagination, innovation, and creativity in our daily lives.

What have you been inspired by lately?

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