World mental health day – Vamsi mohana

World mental health day 2022 – Vamsi mohana

“I had an all or nothing approach which dragged me down quite a bit. I had a list of tasks- related to health, work, diet, chores etc, which if I did not complete, I felt like a failure. For eg if I did not follow my diet to the T during lunch, I would give up on the whole day and it would lead to weeks of “bad “ days.
I read about 80-20 approach recently, where I try to do 80% of things perfectly and leave 20 % as a buffer. This has given me a window. I feel much better about myself as I consider most of my days as “good” days now.

I am still working on this. But this has helped me. I am also trying to be consistent more than intense, which also helps me.”

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