Sense of being Valued and Loved

A Sense of being Valued and Loved

We all desire the same thing: to be loved by someone. Consider every individual you have ever met. They merely want to be loved. Both you and I desire to feel loved. by a person, right? Love is a collection of emotions and behaviours marked by intimacy, passion, and commitment. It entails tenderness, proximity, safety, attraction, affection, and trust. Love has different levels of intensity and can evolve over time. It can cause negative emotions like jealousy and stress, but it is also linked to a variety of positive emotions like happiness, enthusiasm, life satisfaction, and bliss.

According to Dr. Robert Sternberg, an American psychologist, love is founded on three domains:
Intimacy (emotional)
(cognitive) commitment
passion (physical)
Most people agree that being loved and valued is important for both physical and psychological well-being, despite the fact that nearly no one can agree on a single description of what love is. The advantages of love have been proven in several studies. Although the impact of love on mental health is vast, some instances include:
The likelihood that babies who are not frequently held and cuddled exhibit love and affection may experience developmental delays or illness depends on this.
Low self-esteem and depression are highly connected with feelings of being unloved and not valued.
People who both experience and express love and value others are likely to be happier.
Feeling emotionally loved and valued may assist in boosting immunity, and love may have an impact on long-term health.

Someone says “thank you” warmly or makes a comforting motion or gesture after we do a good deed. At that moment, despite our hectic lives, someone values and pays attention to us. If we can only let it sink in completely, there is something about being valued that feels nice. Being loved goes hand in hand with being valued. You probably like that individual if you consider them someone you like, possibly for their kindness, compassion, or approachable, open demeanor. There is something about loving and being valued that makes our hearts feel warm and makes us smile

Are you feeling loved in some way lately ?

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