Fulfillment – fully developing one’s potential

Fulfillment can be defined as a sense of “satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s potential”.
As humans, we all want to experience feeling fulfilled. We want to live life feeling happy and satisfied with what we have accomplished or worked at. Experiencing fulfillment can be crucial to finding meaning and direction in all we do.
Understanding this feeling may be challenging for some, and may also be very dependent on how we define ‘success’ and ‘failure’ which consequently shapes our inner self talk. If we are constantly around people who put us down, or disparage our achievements, it can lead some of us to feel depressed or hopeless about the future. Similarly prolonged stress, rejection and strain may keep fulfillment at bay.

There are some steps that you can take to invite that sense of fulfillment into your life, especially when times are tough.

– Recognize that you and what you do matters
– Celebrate the wins consciously, and consistently.
– Spend some time reflecting on what went well in the day
– Make note of how you responded when pushed out of your comfort zone or other ways you surprised yourself with behaviour that was a step towards a desirable outcome
– Redefine consciously what ‘Success’ means for you, in a way that makes sense for you
– Cut out the negative talk – be it from others or your own inner critic

How have you managed to invite this sense of fulfillment into your life lately?

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